Saturday, August 22, 2009


I made homemade salsa today. Its really pretty easy and takes less than 7 minutes, (if you can chop and cut fast). The only thing you absolutely HAVE to do is add cilantro. If you have never smelled is the most amazing smell, I think. You cannot make salsa without. cannot.
Regardless, my brother downed what I made. To the point that he was eating 4 chips to every 1 that I was eating. I even stopped and stared at him to the point that it was becoming very Chinese of me.
When the bit of salsa that I did have in my bowl was stolen and eaten by a particular person. I grabbed the store bought kind. DO NOT EVER DO THIS after eating homemade cilantro salsa. I almost gagged. Tomato-paste to the extreme! Yuck. Apparently, the lesson learned is that cilantro IS in fact the key key key ingredient for salsa. Don't leave home without it.

*Also, to my vague nod to Chinese foreign staring, I have learned that Westerners stare to. Thanks to the guy at Panera a few days ago who did not break his staring as I walked out the door. I should of been back in China.

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