Thursday, January 7, 2010


I feel weird because a lot of me is tore between two decades. Perticually a very odd decade, the nineties. They were good. And strange, all together. The nineties brings with it my very first backstreet boys CD, Millennium (probably a good title), I was also a tape owner of "Point of Grace", the FIRST BSB album, and Celine Dion. I thought khaki pants were the stuff. Butterfly clips were a must must have..(and this carried over into 2000 and 2001 sadly). I love love loved soccer shirts for an odd reason. Leonardo Dicaprio, I don't have to form a sentence with this, if you lived in the nineties you just know.
Early nineties had me sporting amazing sunnies with the neon green sides. Maybe around '94, I convincingly thought that since my name was 'Kelli' I would have to marry a Zach Morris. Then again, when I was 7 or so, I felt certain I would marry the Red Ninja turtle...still wondering how that paned out in my brain. Jeans took an odd turn, I can relate to the 80's fashion, which was great, but its harder to describe jeans in the nineties. I did, however, own a pair of chunky black sandals and they were astounding.
I wasn't as style savvy in the nineties and I completely love that. I was 4 to 14 during this time anyway. Yet, I found Christ in the nineties and that is something big to say.

WELCOME 2010, you had me at first snow flake!

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