Saturday, August 14, 2010

Georgia and quirks

A bit of where I

Im at Woodlands for the rest of this year. Its weird what God decides for myself. But its very good and odd and cool all in the same ways. I am around people constantly. I am around all kinds of quirks and sarcasm and snippiness and joyish-ness and tiredness and laughter. Its amazing. Its complete ministry, full on, with the body of Christ. I am tired constantly and have to admit weakness constantly. I need Him, ALL THE TIME! This I rewind in my brain often. And reading Ephesians helps. And a bit of Georgette Heyer for tons of good witty speeches. I miss Knoxville some, and still technically live there, I just keep staying, at the moment, in a green house near a lake, a water slide, and have constant visitors.

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