Thursday, June 16, 2011


I never think literally. Is that weird? Regardless of good punctuation, I love words.
 I always always want to do something that would make others proud to know me, I think sometimes that is a flaw and a blessing.
My favorite bible story is the women at the well, mostly because of how changed she was, coming away from ONE encounter with Jesus. He gave her confidence, and so I know that is where I need to find mine.
I love gummy bears, I never feel guilty eating them, ever.
Vintage things fascinate me.
I think when you love something/someone it is effortless.
I love walking. I wish I lived in a city/town where one could walk more.
I hate confrontation.
I think everything that happens or that I do is preparing me for something next.
I do believe the grass is never greener than when you are thinking that it is.
I struggle with being content in patient moments.
I am happy being blonde.
I sometimes wish I had a dog, one that would stay with you when you were sad.
Being understanding is an amazing gift.
I can be a perfectionist concerning myself
I love laughing over really funny things.
Sunsets are intriguing and I wish I could be somewhere on top of a hill or a beach for each one.
 I obsess over learning how to surf some day.
It is annoying, but I can't not talk about China and I can't talk about it either?
I think faith is hard, not many people make it thru all the way in life, I really want to make it.

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