Sunday, June 15, 2014


Life happens in simple ways. Things get my attention sometimes, that anybody else would look at as completely commonplace.

Once I started crying uncontrollably because I saw an older one armed man dancing with his wife in front of this huge crowd and band who were playing fun country music. What made me cry was the look on his face. Complete bliss. Complete wholeness. I was jealous of him, because he had a careless joy about him that I loved and found attractive. I wanted to have that too.

This morning I was getting into my car and looked over to see this tall guy in khakis walking to his car too, carrying his bible the way Billy Graham would. It was precious. People don't often get up to go to church early anymore. And I felt so proud of this dude. It was so good.

I guess what I am trying to express is, peoples imperfections and just the simple way they live should be enough for us. I struggle, sometimes hugely, with perfectionism. It can almost be disease like. But to break out of that is so free.  I know God looks at us the way I saw the one armed man and the dude in khakis. Our simplicity makes us beautiful.

I want to dance like that man. I want to carry my bible like that dude. Free.

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