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Most days

I hadn't seen pictures of China in a long while, until today. It hit me that what I was looking at was still there even though I was not. That sidewalk, or that building, that tree even is still there. And I have some slight 2 months worth of memories of those sidewalks and trees, 2 months worth of passing by it most days. During that time, I wish I had told myself that I would miss those moments. Maybe, like I'll miss these moments now, that pass in my life. But, I guess, what I am wanting to convey today is that looking at something ordinary and then later thinking how extraordinary it really is/was, is so strange.
I wish I had taken a picture of just the sidewalk of the city where I was in China. A red and yellow sidewalk design. And funny enough I really miss it. Sidewalks here are nothing like sidewalks there. I walked them just the same. Which still really amazes me. I miss walking on it everyday. Lucky for you, I found a picture online...