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Penny's in Sumatra

Yesterday I gave one of my Indonesian friends an American penny. He is 16 and one of the sweetest, inqizative kids I have met here. I think giving him the penny was defining. I almost wanted to cry. His face when he held it. Him telling me he knew all about Abraham Lincoln. He loved that he freed the slaves. I wanted to tell him about the Man who frees slaves everyday. Who freed us all with Grace. It's seconds like that, where you know God loves people. I knew he loved this 16 year old boy. I kept thinking, 'what's a penny worth!?' and he is so incredibly happy to even have something from America. To him a penny is worth much more than its worth in America. We throw pennies away all the time without glancing at it. Without looking at the date, seeing who the man on the back is. I watched him treasure it, and I knew. I knew God knows we are worth even less than a penny, but he treasures us as if we are worth more. Because of Christ we are. I love how he loves people.…

Indonesia Travels

I'm in Indonesia. Its Friday today, so the mosques are blaring the call to prayer. I can hear it over the rooftops. It's errie. It seems to change me. Even how I think of people. Being away..being outside of the US + seeing how people live, how alike we are, even dispite culture, is so magnectic. I think it's the ultimate display of bigness in our creator. How big God is. Their are a great many things He upholds every day. He is the one true God. That's a comforting thought so far from where I am from. I'm happy to be around community.