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Catch up or ketchup

I will always say what a blessing coming home has been. It seems perfectly crazy for me to say this, because in most ways, I have felt the worse I have ever felt in the month of being home. I think alot of the time it felt similar to having an arm or leg fall asleep and then trying to wake it up is something that takes a while, and there are sharp pricks along the way.
I can state, very convincingly, that God is true to his Word; he is close to the brokenhearted. Extremely close. I cannot say what exactly made coming home so hard. It was just God. It was just China. It was just making myself more him and less me. It was saying "yes, Lord" even when everything hurt and I wished that I could beg, but I didn't. It hurt. I was ripped in two, and I didn't know which half I really was. I didn't know which half to really cling to. But I didn't need to find out. Gratefully.
Psalms has been incredible to me lately. One verse I love, I read …