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A road in China

A couple years ago, it was December. And I was traveling through China. First,  you have to know, that Asia in the Winter is incredibly magical.
Every time I go there, its amazing. Asia is so different from here. It causes you to think first of your surroundings rather than always accepting them. Asia always changes me. Please visit if you ever have the chance!

That year I really embraced my singleness. I traveled to Spain, China, and Indonesia in the span of a year, I said yes to everything.  So I found myself, in December, riding to the airport on a long 2 hour stretch to the airport, listening to worship songs, while mountains flashed into view of the van I was in. I felt such power then. I knew God was doing big things. It was enough of a moment for me to remember it years later.

Because my husband has a similar story.

Almost a year later, I was riding with my then boyfriend on that same stretch of roads in China and he was having the "I know without a doubt that I love her&q…