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Review - Russia Rising

I was given this book by Tyndale to review.
I have read a few of Mark Hitchcock's other books and find him easy to understand. He gives intense Biblical prophecy clues and findings in a way that makes complete sense. Maybe its also the way he presents the scriptures in with his findings, but I enjoyed reading the scripture with his thoughts. I think deciphering the geography of it all interesting as well. I was captured by the fact that Russia is the bear in the prophecies. It does feel as if the world has met great strides and check points for end times. However, its so hard to interpret everything perfectly when only the Lord knows exactly. That is why I find reading and keeping up to date with what prophecy says so interesting. The good thing is, it will all come to light someday and the Lord himself knows when He will do this. I liked that this book included headlines in the media from the last couple years to now. It kind of brings it all full circle to mix th…

Review - Wellness Revelation

This book starts in an easy, open manner. I like that the author prefaces that she isn't looking for starving individuals but ones that just want to be healthy. I love the thought that more than just weight can weigh us down. No matter what weight we are, it can never be perfect until our mindset is right. The author states that God wants 'wholeness' for us. Which is what I think we all want in life and want to feel whole. Wholeness starts first with God and then effects all other areas.

The author has broken this journey up into 8 weeks. Which is a good amount of time to learn to stick with something. Life style change can be hard enough not being dragged out
Each week starts out with questions to answer, verses to read and even ways to pray. This book is definitely more on the devotions side of things. Basically, this is a book that works on mind, body, soul. Its a lifestyle change that isn't just for one area of your life but all.

Like with any work …