Off and Away

I am leaving in one WHOLE week. To say that I feel ready would be weird. Actually I "feel" ready, but I am not sure if I am. I don't know if you can ever be. I think its just God. Its Him who knows what to push. Where to push. He knows why I am going. He grows me. I guess that has been my prayer all along, that I would take all things genuinely and just go. God has taken care I me. I mean really. He really has. Its the most precious thing to experience.
I am excited to travel. I have always loved it, even when I have hated it. Over last weekend I visited family in Louisville. I just keep hearing some of their stories. My grandmother was one of 9, and last week she turned 90. Everyone else is gone. My grandad graduated in 1938 and was on a Navy boat for the last part of WWII. My Granny got married in England. My Nanny (great grandmother) use to tell me stories about picking strawberries and encountering minks when she was a little girl. The stories she told me always facinated me.
Stories come out of experiences and you always find God in them. I think you always find God in other peoples' stories and other cultures. I think you could find God there even when the others cannot.


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