I think I just realized, I use the word weird a lot...

This is weird that I am writing about my use of the word weird. Although, I think weird is the best word to describe things sometimes.
I am home. And it feels weird.
I actually don't know why I am writing at this moment because I can't think of the right words to use about the last two months. I will say, however, that God is super special to me and he does make all things new. I feel like being hold up in my room for some days. And I am so ok with doing that. I need to do this.
I think the fact that last night, my first night back, was such a rough time tells me I need to be hermit-ish for a while. Lots of things came down on me then. But I really think I was being prayed over, because I felt peace too.
Today my head feels fuzzy. My time would normally be 2 am right now. But instead its 2 pm, and I don't think my body believes this at all.


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