Warm clothes.

Some days I miss the strangest things from China. Like today, I started to miss how I use to wash my clothes in the shower, almost every night. I don't even know why I started to miss this. I just did.
As I was putting clothes I had just washed into the dryer, I thought about how weird the dryer sounds. All the crackling noises. It sounded foreign to me all of a sudden. Maybe I miss how simple it was to wash my clothes myself, and that I did it, it was something I did that was rewarding. The last week before I left I kept saying how the only thing I wouldn't miss was washing my clothes in China. Now I am eating those words. weird.
Although, for the sake of the dryer, I love dryers. The reward is so great! When the clothes are dry you can hug the clothes and its like a heating blanket. Warm clothes. Amazing.
Monday was a surprise to me and an amazing night. I met some foreign exchange students, while at Crossroads. I sorta kinda spoke to them in Chinese, and hearing them say something back was like someone had put a very large band aide on my heart. Literally.

Then two nights ago my mom looked at me after I had said something, I think it was something about shrimp. She said I now say my S's weird and my Sh's and my R's. I am not sure what she thinks..but it made me smile


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