Part of a PR letter I wrote in July

Time seems to be going so fast!! I cannot believe this is my 5th update!
Today for dinner, some of our group got the chance to eat at a Tea Garden. It was so amazing to experience. Small trees surrounded us, under a canopy of sheets that were hung around the trees. The little paths of brick led us to each table area, and It was all outside. The hospitality was so sweet! Keep PRing that I get moments in the middle of where I am that bring me closer to the heart of God. He is truly found in simplicity most days. But those days are pretty much astounding.

I have had a chance to get quiet time and escape to the park again. Their is a 10% chance I'll go unoticed, at least to the point where no one comes up to me or gawks. This time was not one of them. I sat on the steps of one of the small overhangs journaling and soon a few older men came up to me to see what I was writing. I think they were interested in how different our writing is. After a minute of staring at the journal, they walked away and I went on writing...I think they had no idea that I was literally writing about them just standing there.
Which is really funny to me. Basically my journal says, "An older man with a long white beard has come up to stare at my writing...I said 'Ni Hao' and he nodded, but has not made an effort to move..."
I find these moments sweet.
It reminds me of how completely different, yet similar we all are. How God fits us in places. It is a gift to get to see the places the people I have met here, fit into. They might not see how God's love pours out into their lives, yet I see it sometimes when He lets me. PR that they see. Because if they will see, they will be amazed.


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